Human tongues:
•Steng: the language of the Steng people, a nomadic people beyond the northern mountains. Often encountered as barbarians, skalds, bloodragers, and other less “civilized” roles. However, they are a fiercely proud people with a long storytelling tradition. And there are no better fur and leather crafters to be found anywhere.

•Voss: (pronounced with a long O and hard S, as in “dose”) the language of the Vosari, a seafaring kingdom to the south of the valley. There is a warm sea not far south of the valley. The Vosari Protectorate is a series of cities along the coast and in several islands in the sea. They are noted traders/merchants, shipwrights, sailors, and the primary source of gunpowder in the region.

•Levayan: the language of Waylev, a militaristic nation to the east of the mountain borders of the Valley of Obelisks. They are known for their ruthlessly efficient military, almost-xenophobic protection of their borders, and perhaps most of all, their skyknights – griffon-mounted cavalry (and sometimes other aerial creatures like dragons or manticores, if the rider is high-ranked in the military). They are noted steelworkers (armor and weapons), animal trainers (especially aerial creatures), and infamously anti-religion to the point of publicly executing known clerics or other divine agents.

•Echire: the language of the Kingdom of Echire, a cultural and artistic center to the west of the Valley of Obelisks. Known for artists, philosophers, architecture, actors, and similar offerings, this small but peaceful kingdom has a long-standing trade agreement with the Valley.

Other languages common to the area:

•Elven: in the Valley, two elven enclaves exist, but several elves also live in the predominantly human cities and settlements. Outside of the Valley, many elven settlements have fallen and elves have incorporated into other settlements and kingdoms. The largest gathering of them is in Echire.

•Halfling: very prodigious river-traders, there are three main families (as identified in the Player’s Guide) in the Valley. Others exist as well, obviously, but the Marktunsel, Hundivarst, and Faminestri are the most famous and influential.

•Gnomish: gnomes are sparsely settled throughout the Valley, but have the largest presence in Riverbend. Outside of the Valley, gnomes gravitate towards either Echire or the Vosari Protectorate.

•Draconic: still used as the primary magical language, as well as the language of dragons and their servants and/or allies.

•Orcish: orcs are in large numbers in the Headwater Hills and the mountains beyond. Occasionally they band together and begin a raiding campaign on the valley’s residents, but the cities and the Luminous Order quickly send agents to stem those insurrections. A particularly vicious clash called the Thornskull Uprising occurred about ten years ago, and many orcs (especially those allied with the vanquished Thornskull tribe) have retreated into the hills licking their wounds and no doubt planning their revenge.

•Goblins: always a pest, goblins, bugbears, and hobgoblins push in from the mountains to harass the residents of the valley.

•Dwarven: a little more rare than usual, dwarves in the Valley have congregated largely in Krokarr and more recently, Hemyulak. Both of these locations are located close to hills and mountains, which make them more appealing settlements. The dwarven mountain homes of antiquity have long been lost, so they are a “homeless” people – a point they are very bitter about to this day.

•Gnoll: gnolls are a problem also in the Headwater Hills to the north and the Strezabo Foothills to the south.

Less Frequently Used Languages:

•The elemental languages: auran, terran, ignan, aquan


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