Forrests, hills, plains and montians

Andrall Forest (sparse forest)
Tended by the Druids of the Red Rock, the Andrall forest is largely a pastoral place. The dire predators that roam among its trees can be dangerous, however.

Areshau Valley (gentle hills)
Areshau Valley is home to ogres, but these rapacious giants seem to have a force organizing them behind the scenes. Many scouts are very carefully watching the area, sent by factions worried about the unusual behavior.

Blackreach Mountains (forbidding mountains)
These mountains are rich with silver and gold, but they’ve been known to harbor trolls, dragons, and other dangerous creatures. Residents of Silvermont rarely leave the safety of their guarded mines and walled town. One path winds north through the Blackreach Mountains and terminates at the Black Tower.

Chance Forest (medium forest)
Many forest gnome communities are scattered throughout the Chance Forest. Grigs and other small fey also roam the trees. Unwary travelers are often subjected to confusing and humiliating tricks, as well as illusions that prevent them from reaching their destinations.

Cloudhoof Forest (sparse forest)
Two centaur tribes, the Gurgan and the Starakasps, war under the boughs of the Cloudhoof Forest. The feud is bitter, but the centaurs are otherwise friendly. Consorting with the Gurgan earns a visitor the undying enmity of the Starakasps, and vice versa.

Dapplewood (dense forest)
This forest is known for its strangeness and danger. Fierce denizens rampage through its thick vegetation, competing with some dire animals known to live there. Excursions to the forest are few and far between for this reason.

Forest of Turlek (medium forest)
Once home to the elves of Shul Turlek, this dark forest is now known home to the beings that completely slaughtered the residents of that once-peaceful elven retreat.

Grove of Icicles (medium forest)
Albino wolves of the Grove of Icicles are greatly prized by hunters. Their pelts are valuable, but live pups that can be trained are more so.

Headwater Hills (gentle hills)
Home to tribes of orcs that filter in from the river and mountains. But the orcs also have to contend with other strange creatures that abound in the hills that surround the headwaters of the Marrilach River – bulettes, chimaera, and other strange beasts. All these and more creatures roam east of the ruins of Andrushel.

Jurorakk Foothills (rugged hills)
Gnoll bandits from the far side of the mountain pass are setting up new camps in the lower reaches of Mount Jurorakk. It’s thought that the military might of Waylev – located on the opposite side of the mountains – are pushing them into the Valley of Obelisks. This bodes ill for the nearby town of Kel’s Rise.

Kurkle Ridge (gentle hills)
Winding draws and scrubby vegetation along Kurkle Ridge make it a common hideout for bandits that prey on road and river traffic between Sumberton, Tulvercross, and Krokarr.

Laughing Woods (sparse forest)
These woods were named for the jovial treants that tended this light forest’s many flower-filled glades. Now the treants are beset by menaces from the Headwater Hills, so the forest isn’t as safe as it once was.

Oakwood (medium forest)
Home to the elves of Shul Shennek, Oakwood is also known for the monstrous spiders that cast their webs among its silent trees. Within a few miles of Shul Shennek, however, no spiders live – the elves hunt relentlessly. Rumors tell of magnificent horned white horses that run through the trees along the eastern edge of the forest. More than one horse breeder has offered good coin for a hunter to capture one live, but so far none have succeeded.

Painted Canyon (rugged hills)
Many ogre tribes call this spare land home, warring with each other and with any travelers they come across. Mountains to the west are home to several wyvern nests, and ogre and human alike hide when they see the mighty aerial hunters. The Painted Canyons are also home to the mysterious Castle Grief.

Redbard Grove (dense forest)
Redbark Grove has some of the thickest vegetation in the Valley, and it is home to dryads and several dangerous species of plants. The grove seems particularly resistant to the efforts of farmers to the northwest, many of whom would like to carve another acre of farmland out of the woods. Surrinak foresters patrol the southeastern portion of the forest, and the Surrinaks claim at least that part of the woodland as a hunting reserve.

Sardarian Hills (rugged hills)
These hills are dotted with abandoned dwarf mines. By mining so extensively, the dwarves unwittingly released many underground monsters onto the surface world. Therefore, the Sardarian Hills are now home to monsters the don’t normally venture aboveground.

Slaughterscar (battlefield)
This bleak crater-shaped landscape seems to have an inherent ability to spawn undead – wights, shadows, wraiths, spectres, and occasionally worse. They wander the Slaughterscar in packs, slaying anything living they can find to add to their numbers.

Venturesome folk have reasons to enter Slaughterscar, though. Those who work for the Luminous Order go to keep the undead in check. Slaughterscar is also the only place in the Valley where some rare, twisted plants grow and are sought after by alchemists and sages.

Strezabo Foothills (gentle hills)
Daring hunters sometimes stalk the wild beasts of these foothills, but they often find themselves stalked in return. Also living here is a tribe of ogres that was fought nearly to extinction after it attacked Shul Shennek. The ogres’ numbers are small, but their hatred for the elves is profound, and the accept aid from any source that promises death to the elves. Recently, gnolls have been seen roaming these hills as well and rumors circulate as to whether they’ve allied with the ogres or not.

Tangletuft Mountains (rugged mountains)
These mountains rise at a steep pitch out of the surrounding plains – one of the most striking sights in the valley. Surrinak holdings dot the Tangletufts, including Castle Surrinak itself in the northwest. Mountaineers hired by Surrinak patrol the lower elevations regularly. A tribe of bugbears has sent raids against isolated lowland farms, but given the swift, brutal and tenacious retaliations of the Surrinaks, the bugbears are usually content to remain within their hunting grounds at the higher elevations.

Titania Foothills (rugged hills)
Mount Titania, to the north, is a foreboding peak, and its foothills are nearly as dangerous. Hill giants sometimes come from the Titania Foothills to pillage orchards southwest of the Grove of Icicles, doing so at the urging of some force further within the mountains.

Vaathwood (dense forest)
Elves of Shul Vaath claim all the Vaathwood, and their rangers and druids stand ready to “escort” unwelcome travelers back beyond the forest’s borders. But the elves don’t have the Vaathwood fully under control. A clutch of green dragons has been giving them problems of late and a sinister presence seems to stalk the wood as well.

Vermilion Ridge (gentle hills)
Named for the strange hue of its soil, Vermilion Ridge starts in the mountains to the south and cuts north across the lower part of the Valley. Hippogriffs are often seen soaring and swooping playfully over the ridge on windy days.

West Oakwood (medium forest)
Evil fey and the druids of the Mahogany Circle play out a deadly rivalry within the borders of this old forest on the west bank of the river. Bandit encampments dot the northwestern part of this forest.

Forrests, hills, plains and montians

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