Kenra Halfoak


Kenra Halfoak:

A venerable, spunky halfling woman at nearly 140 years of age, Kenra is a well-regarded woman in Sumberton and the surrounding regions. In her early years, she was a simple farmer and later, ferry captain. As she describes it, “fate conspired to kick me well in the arse!” On a routine ferry ride, her boat was attacked by hobgoblins. Several passengers were injured but a few capable individuals aboard the barge managed to kill or drive away the hobgoblins. Those capable individuals happened to become her frequent travel companions over the next several years, a mercenary and adventuring company called the Redblade Accord…or simply the Redblades. She became known as a proficient tracker and archer, and for a time was happy to travel the world and see more in her lifetime than most people in her village combined. In time though, she longed for home and returned to Jewelford. There she started using her new-found wealth to help the community and build her ties with the Chicane Guild and the halfling families in Jewelford, Sumberton, and Lukrimar. She was offered official membership with the Chicane Guild many, many times, but always refused politely. Recently though, she’s moved to Sumberton to be with her daughter Merrilyn, whom has taken to acting on her mother’s behalf due to Kenra’s advanced age.


Kenra Halfoak

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