Welcome to The Valley of Obelisks


You’re about to embark on a journey full of danger, excitement, intrigue and challenge. You’ll face off against sinister foes from rampaging dragons to calculating demons. As part of a close-knit team of adventurers, you’ll grow in power and knowledge. And you’ll earn glory and acclaim, as well as piles of treasure.

The Valley of Obelisks is a big place. Even a fast rider would take days to travel its length by road. It is a rugged land on the frontier of civilisation yet most communities in the Valley are welcoming to residents of all races, although Tieflings, Dragonborn and Half Orc are extremely rare and treated with much curiosity and some trepidation.

Named for the many ancient obelisks numbering into the hundreds that dot the countryside, this temperate land has been and is a country built on agriculture.

Despite a throne that has been empty for just over a decade since the passing of King Teifion Tyrell, the capitol city of Sumberton’s nominated Supreme Lord Barris Carstellan, with the support of the Captain of the long dead kings personal guard Captain Morr Donellgan, have kept the Valley strong. The local lords wield much power in there own territories and have representatives within Sumberton political conclave ensuring there concerns are addressed.

Despite the loss of its King, the land has prospered. Life has not been good or easy for all but it certainly hasn’t been hard.

Yet this land holds many secrets due to a great and terrible history that has been lost to the passage of time. A shadow is beginning to fall across this fair land. A whispers of a forgotten evil.

Something is coming.

Shattered Gates Of Slaughterguard

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