Sumberton is likely the only urban locale most residents of the Valley of Obelisks have ever seen. It’s regarded as both sophisticated and bewildering. Since it is founded on the river trade, Sumberton is indeed more cosmopolitan than the rural communities that surround it.

At the heart of the city is Sumberton Keep, an old fortress built so that a long-dead king could control and tax the traffic on the Marrilach River. A settlement grew up around the keep and, with the passing of years, over-whelmed it. Were it not for the height of the promontory on which the fortress rests, visitors might never know the keep is there. Two- and three-story buildings crowd the edges of the city’s narrow, winding streets, and even lifelong Sumbertonians have to think twice to avoid getting turned around or lost.

Supreme Lord Bariss Carstellan controls taxing authority within the city limits in exchange for providing city services. An elderly man, Carstellan is teaching the basics of governance to two of his three sons, Jarrik and Thrann. His other son chose to travel the land seeking adventure. City bureaucrats understand that if Jarrik or Thrann want something, it’s as good as the lord asking for it himself.

Yet Lord Carstellan’s authority isn’t absolute. The support of Captain Morr Donellgan, head of the late Kings personal guard is key to his position. The captain’s soldiers are far better equipped, trained, and paid than the Supreme Lord’s militiamen. Donellgan tries to stay out of the city’s politics, but it seems like one faction or another within the city is always trying to embroil his elite forces in a political dispute. The temples along Pious Way are beyond the Supreme Lord’s taxes and thus largely beyond his authority. They could wield a lot more power if rivalries between major religions—and even schisms within each—weren’t a problem. Finally, the merchant guilds are responsible for the river commerce that is the city’s lifeblood, and they could ruin Sumberton by diverting the region’s trade elsewhere. But doing so might mean their ruination as well. It’s easy and profitable to send the region’s trade up and down the Marrilach River.

Buying and selling locations.

Kennick’s: Immense, crowded, and upscale.

The Bloody Nose: A dive favored by sailors.

Sly Wink: Sumberton’s best ale.

Kennick’s: Fancy rooms, priced at triple standard prices.

Sly Wink: Average rooms with good locks, priced at standard cost.

Anchor’s Rest: Huge dockside boarding house that features hourly rates.

Scrolls and Spellbooks
Scrivener’s Guildhouse: Comprehensive low-level selection.

Eli, Purveyor of Wonders: Eccentric sorcerer; shop is often closed while Eli travels.

Oracle’s Guild Chapterhouse: Specializes in divination items.

Weapons and Armor
Durrik’s Blades: Dwarf smithy.

Sumberton Surplus: Buys and sells ordinary weapons for a far-off war effort.

Justice Street Arms & Armor: Specializes in heavy armor and martial weapons.

Other Magic Items
Southern Skies Fabrics: Specializes in magic cloaks, robes, and so on.

Poor Tennison’s Curiosities: Selection varies widely; some junk, some items of great power.

Sumberton Balms and Elixirs: Low-level divine potions.

Alchemical Supplies
Pure Reagents of Sumberton: Supplies ale spices, but dabbles in other goods.

Chimera Ltd.: Good selection, strange personnel.

Art Objects
Praehelion’s: Snooty but wealthy.

Rurik Family: Runs monthly auctions.

Red Door Antiquities: Specializes in older items, doesn’t ask many questions.

Marrika of the Discerning Eye: Gnome renowned for her gaudy settings.

Oakleaf Shoppe: Elf jewelers known to add a little magic to their works.

Hearth Street Jeweler: The city’s largest; overwhelming security.

Divine Spellcasting
High Priestess Bryanuur: Up to 5th-level spells; a follower of Sarenrae, insists on expensive “offerings”.

Kindly Ollary: Wanders Pious Way, healing all those he finds for exceptionally reduced price if not free.

High Priest Vultram: Has connections to the Luminous Order.

Arcane Spellcasting
Scrivener’s Guildhouse: Comprehensive offering of spells up to 4th level.

Oracle’s Guild Chapterhouse: Divination spells up to 5th-level. Lashinara the Conjurer: Knows many spells, but obtaining an audience is difficult.

Carstellan Stables: Fine horses sold at monthly auction; not always available.

Hinterland Outfitting: Basic steeds for basic prices. Therrick the Tamer: Horse breeder capable of training exotic mounts.

Expedition Gear
Hinterland Outfitting: A large general store containing all standard goods found within the Core Rules.

_ Faminestri Marine Supply_: Halfling-run riverboat equipment and repair; fine rope.

Plarrny’s Guide and Taxidermy: Hunting guides that know the mountains well.

Caprice Sisters: Fancy clothing favored by nobility.

Southern Skies Fabrics: Sells mundane cloaks, robes, and so on.

Acorn Stamp: Simple garb known for durability.


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