Shattered Gates Of Slaughterguard

Get my spices back!
Spice thing up.

The players started this adventure in the small farming village of Dondurran. The Donduranians were busy preparing for a day of celebration as it would appear that since the capitol city of Sumberton have sent a small contingent of soldiers to the village the regular Gnoll raids that have plagued Dondurran of late have now ceased.

As the village folk went about their business pitching up gazebos, preparing foods a plenty and ales of grand quality, a young Halfing named Vintra Marktunsel, claiming to represent the Chicane Guild, approached the PC’s individually and offered them a job.

“Two days ago, goblin and hobgoblin bandits raided a Chicane Guild caravan carrying fruit and spices to Sumberton . The spices in particular are key to us meeting a quota set by our business partners in the southern cities. We need them back. My guild is willing to pay each of you 200 gold for this recovery operation.”

“The militia wont get involved as Supreme Lord Carstellan says that the robbery happened under the jurisdiction of Tulvercross. And the Entrighan and the Pendekark families in Tulvercross say it happened in Sumberton territory,” Vintra said with a tired sigh. “What I usually do at this point is just bribe one of the Lords to take care of the problem but I’m tired of that, so I’m spending the bribe money on you instead.” she smiled.

Vintra also explained that one of the caravan teamsters was captured by the goblins but escaped shortly before the goblins descended into their warren. The Halfling marked the location of the warren on a map for the PC’s.

The PC’s set of that same day and after an evening stop off in Sumberton at the Sly Wink, they arrived at the entrance to the warren a day later. Descending into the darkness they bravely fought there way past goblins and hobgoblins, eventually slaying a dark hobgoblin cleric. They searched many of the chambers in this strange and expertly crafted underground complex, gathering many texts and items of worth including locating several of the crates of spice they were sent there to retrieve. But there are still areas that have yet to be explored….


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